Monday, May 27, 2024

Compact, Integrated Offline Converter Enabling Cost-Effective Designs

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Requiring minimal external components, the IC is suitable for smart-home/building automation and motor-control applications

Enabling robust power-converter solutions to deliver reliable and energy-saving eco-design norms, while saving bill-of-materials (BoM) costs is the VIPer31 compact high-voltage converter IC.

Optimised for commonly used offline AC-DC converter topologies, VIPer31 includes isolated and non-isolated flyback, buck and buck-boost converters. The compact, highly integrated IC requires minimal external components, enabling cost-effective designs to be created using a small-size and low-cost PCB.

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A combination of high conversion efficiency having no-load power consumption below 20mW with a 230VAC input makes the IC suitable for switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) for large or small home appliances, air conditioning, smart-home/building automation, lighting, metering and motor-control applications.

The VIPer31 features a clamp-less design and embeds a jittered PWM controller with 30kHz, 60kHz and 132kHz options, along with:

  • 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET power section
  • High-voltage start-up circuit
  • Sense FET
  • Error amplifier for direct feedback
  • Internal supply without auxiliary winding

A wide Vcc supply-voltage range of 4.5V to 30V simplifies powering the VIPer31. Additionally, the 24VDC drain start-up voltage saves further external circuitry and allows an ultra-wide AC input-voltage range, which enhances flexibility in both consumer and industrial applications.

Over-voltage and under-voltage protection, soft start, short-circuit protection, pulse-skipping protection and thermal shutdown are also built-in.

The VIPer31 is in production now, housed in a cost-effective SO16N package.


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