Sunday, April 14, 2024

DC-DC Converter With 30% Higher Power Density

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Featuring high current rating, high density and flexible control functions, the device is ideal for complex and high current applications

Widening the LGA family of Advanced Energy is its latest addition, the LGA110D. The 110 amp-rated, non-isolated digital point-of-load DC-DC converter delivers a high current rating at 30% higher power conversion density than any DC-DC converters in its class. This feature makes it an ideal solution for a broad range of applications in the industrial, medical, telecom and IT infrastructure markets.

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In addition to the current density of 220 amps per square inch, the LGA110D features two independently controlled 55-amp/175-watt outputs, which means fewer power converters are needed in multiple channels or high current applications. The dual outputs can be selected independently, configured to a single output or synchronised with up to three other LGA110D converters for truly flexible design combinations. This frees up PCB space and reduces overall system cost while addressing the increasing current requirements in FPGA or ASIC devices used in complex, demanding applications.

Equipped with both analogue and digital control functions, the LGA110D can be conveniently controlled with external resistors or using an industry-standard PMBus digital interface that features additional control functions to offer designers more system integration possibilities.

“Thanks to its market-leading power density, the LGA110D increases operational efficiency to more than 96%,” said Joe Voyles, vice president of marketing, industrial power conversion products at Advanced Energy. “The higher peak efficiency reduces power dissipation by 15% compared to older generations with the same small form factor.”


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