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DC/DC Power Converters Suitable For Range Of Applications

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RECOM has introduced cost-effective DC/DC converters with an ultra-wide input range of 9V to 75VDC.

DC/DC Converters. | Credit : RECOM

RECOM has introduced the REC300H-W and REC150H-UW DC/DC converters. The REC300H-W, rated at 300W output, has a wide 9V to 36VDC input, while output options are 12V, 15V, 24V, and 48VDC isolated to 3kVDC/1 minute. Part REC150H-UW with 150W output has an ultra-wide input range of 9V to 75VDC with the same output voltage options and additionally 28V and 54VDC, to suit avionic systems and PoE applications, isolated at 2.5kVDC/1 minute.

“These new DC/DCs cover many popular nominal input voltages with their extended input ranges,” comments Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM, “Output voltage options are also wide, making the parts suitable for many applications including telecom, industrial, aerospace, and PoE.”

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These devices remain protected against input under-voltage, short circuits, and output overload and over-voltage. They come with an ‘enable input’ embedded in them. They operate with high efficiency across the load range up to a maximum baseplate temperature of 105°C, to suit demanding environments.

These devices scale 57.9 x 61mm and are 12.7mm high with baseplate cooling. The through-hole pin connections are in a standard arrangement which is a performance upgrade and also makes them cost effective.

Applications include demanding industrial power supplies, telecom, and PoE circuits.


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