Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Evaluation Hardware For Advanced EVE Graphic Controllers

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Suitable for developing graphical, audio and touch elements of the HMI and supports several megabytes of on-board flash memory

To benefit the development and prototyping of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) based on object-oriented graphic controller ICs, here’s presenting the ME817EV evaluation board that features a high-capacity BT817 embedded video engine (EVE) device. Thanks to the higher resolutions and large format displays that the BT817 supports, more compelling and functionality-rich HMIs can be created with greater visual clarity and enhanced video playback capabilities.

Having all the necessary attributes for developing high-end graphics, audio and touch elements of the HMI, the ME817EV can also carry out audio amplification and multi-stage audio filtering. Along with a touch controller that supports 5 simultaneous touch points, plus 16Mbytes of on-board flash memory resource for storing unicode fonts, there is an LED driver to adjust display backlighting, image libraries, etc.

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The ME817EV can interface with large scale, high-resolution display modules such as 1280×800 pixel displays through a 40-pin LVDS interface and 50-pin RGB interface for 1024×600 pixel diplays. Capacitive touchscreens may be connected using a 10-pin or 6-pin FPC connector. The board can be powered via a 5V supply using the SPI host connector or via the USB Type-C port.

“It is clear that there is a real need for a more streamlined approach to larger format HMI construction. By providing this evaluation platform, we are making the whole project development process a lot quicker and easier for engineers to complete, with much better end results being derived too,” said Fred Dart, founder and CEO, Bridgetek.

Measuring 165mm x 100mm, the ME817EV is now available from Bridgetek.


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