Friday, May 24, 2024

Embedded Studio Now Supports Hard Real-time C++ Applications

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In March 2022, SEGGER Microcontroller released a new version (V 6) of its multi-platform IDE, Embedded Studio, which now uses real-time memory management. This improves efficiency and response time when allocating and freeing up memory, satisfying requirements for hard real-time in applications written in C++. The new version supports all common RISC-V 32-bit and 64-bit cores. 

“C++ applications require a lot of memory allocation and deallocation behind the scenes, often without the programmer being aware of it”, says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “C++ applications especially see an enormous benefit from our new real-time heap manager. Embedded Studio is the first toolchain that I know of that guarantees fast, constant-time heap operations. These responses are extremely fast, bringing true real-time to embedded systems programmed in C++.”

This version of Embedded Studio comes with some additional features. C++17 Compiler and C++17 Standard Library is a feature that combines the efficiency and compact code of SEGGER’s emRun runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries. This package includes generic container templates (such as sets, vectors, lists, queues, stacks, maps), standard algorithms (sorting, searching, transformations), function objects, iterators, localization, strings and streams, and utility functions for everyday use cases.

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SEGGER Linker, which is also included in this version, is optimized to keep C++ applications small by removing the code duplication frequently encountered with template libraries.

Apart from these new features, Embedded Studio comes with a powerful project manager, source code editor, built-in debugger and can be integrated with J-Link. It is available for unlimited evaluation, and for educational and non-commercial purposes, free of charge, with no restrictions in terms of code size, features, or duration of use. Also, SEGGER software is not covered by an open-source or required attribution license and can be integrated with any commercial or proprietary product, without the obligation to disclose the combined source.


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