Saturday, June 22, 2024

Focally Has Introduced Smart AR Glasses With Fully See-Through Glasses

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Focally unveils full color Micro-led based true AR glasses with fully see-through display and USound MEMS speakers’ technology.

Science fiction plays a very wonderful role in the tech world. Almost every tech enthusiast has once in their life came across space fantasy like Star Wars, spy gadgets and various superheroes and their gadgets. Several engineers claim to imagine and sometimes even begin their career by bringing Iron Man to life.

Focally has introduced AR glasses in cooperation with USound. The glasses combine state-of-the-art USound audio technology, optical display system and hardware that enables spatial computing in a small form factor for assistive AR applications.

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The Universe AR glasses prototype are developed to explore next-generation assistive AR applications such as AR navigation, geo-location-based applications, streaming videos and audio, Geo-location-based gaming, AI applications, and more. These glasses showcase the essential elements needed for AR wearable devices such as optical architecture, powerful sound system, and real-time sensing capabilities integrated into an ergonomic and compact eyewear device.

Preview of Focally’s Universe AR glasses contextual augmented reality. (Credits: Focally)

This first generation features a fully transparent see-through waveguide with 30-degree FOV combined with the world’s smallest and brightest micro-Led full-color display engine. The glasses integrate USound’s patented two-way audio system with MEMS tweeter and electrodynamic woofers, and dual microphones for noise cancellation and spatial audio.

This version of the device showcases unique computer architecture to perform on-board real-time sensing from sensors including accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer, environmental, gas composition and IR and then wirelessly perform application specific computation on other powerful computer platforms such as smartphones to reduce power consumption.

Focally is already working on its second-generation prototype with vision capabilities and advanced compute capabilities. With their advanced MEMS-speaker-based sound solution, USound enables unprecedented industrial and product design possibilities tackling the challenges of many modern audio devices.

“We are excited to showcase our first demonstration of making Contextual Augmented reality near and accessible by integrating cutting edge technologies into an acceptable and wearable form factor. Stay tuned with us for exciting offerings.” says Sagar Madliyavar CEO and Founder of Focally.


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