Monday, May 27, 2024

High-Precision Dual-Band GNSS Timing Module

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The new receiver from U-Blox can provide the security and performance benefits of dual-band technology and offer nanosecond-level timing accuracy.

Image of NEO-F10T (Source: u-Blox)

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The NEO-F10T from u-Blox is a compact dual-band timing module that offers nanosecond-level timing accuracy. Compared to its predecessor NEO-M8T module, the NEO-F10T offers dual-band timing technology which mitigates ionospheric errors and greatly reduces timing error, without the need of an external GNSS correction service. Furthermore, the module has a single RF input for all the GNSS bands and dual SAW filters. The low-power device works on an input from 2.7 V to 3.6 V drawing just 19 mA (@ 3.0 V) during continuous operation.

According to the company, the NEO-F10T offers improved timing performance when the module is placed within the operational area of a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS). The module can be deployed in any region as it can support all four global satellite constellations and L1/L5/E5a configuration, thus allowing it to be used universally.

To enhance the signal strength and reduce losses and noises, the module features a single RF input for all the GNSS bands and dual SAW filters. The module is compatible with u-blox’s ANN-MB1 L1/L5 multi-band antenna, making it simple to evaluate the performance of the timing modules. To ensure reliable and uninterrupted service, the NEO-F10T includes various security features such as secure boot, secure interfaces, configuration lock, and T-RAIM to provide the highest-level timing integrity. Furthermore, it offers advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing algorithms to protect it from cyber-attacks.

“NEO-F10T is designed to meet the timing synchronization requirements in 5G small cells and private networks on a global scale. By significantly reducing the time error of cellular network synchronization, the NEO F10T module will help operators maximize the performance of their networks and so optimize the return on their investment in 5G communications.” says Samuli Pietila, Director Product Line Management, Timing and Infrastructure, at u-blox.


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