Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Low-Resistance Multilayer Ferrite Inductors For NFC

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Compact, low-profile dimensions with low magnetic leakage help achieve high-current having an inductance tolerance of ±5%

The use of NFC circuits is rapidly increasing in smartphones, smartwatches, wearables and other peripheral devices. They are projected to be used in diverse ways for realising a complete touchless experience, including cashless payments.

For this, the new MLJ-H1005 inductors for use in near field communication (NFC) are optimal to implement in LC filters of NFC circuits. Since inductors must have narrow tolerances for minimised losses caused by impedance mismatch with the antenna, the new inductor series feature a tolerance of ±5% to meet this need.

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Additionally, it is important to control inductor loss at the 13.56 MHz communication frequency to avoid a reduced antenna output power. The AC resistance (Rac) must be kept low and maintained even as the current is applied. By super low loss material development, the new MLJ-H series achieves low Rac during high-current applications.
The compact, low-profile dimensions of the MLJ-H1005 inductors save space with high-density mounting possible by low magnetic leakage structure.

TDK Corporation will begin mass production of the MLJ-H1005 inductors in February 2021.


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