Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A New 3D Printer Controller Board: The Sigmoid S7P

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The controller board combines all the tools you love for your 3D printer into one powerful control unit. 

Pascal Wistinghausen, Germany based Embedded systems engineer has created a new 3D printer controller board called the Sigmoid S7P. The board was made available through the  Kickstarter crowdfunding website this month. 

New 3D Printer Controller Board
Sigmoid S7P working model

With the rising number of enthusiasts in the field of 3D printing, this new board provides an endless list of possibilities to them. The Sigmoid S7P 3D printer control board has been engineered to connect the “ two control levels of modern hobbyists and enthusiasts 3D printers“, explains Wistinghausen. 

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The board consists of a powerful real-time microcontroller for motion control, a sensor interface and a temperature management system that operates on a low abstraction level directly on the hardware. Unlike the other boards currently available, the Sigmoid S7P has a more powerful multicore application CPU that provides high-level programming options and user interfaces. It also comes with advanced management functions that enable the smooth functioning of tasks.

The Sigmoid S7P combines both levels of hardware abstraction on a single unit, giving you a well planned and highly integrated control system rivalling even industry-grade 3D printers. “ Says Wistinghausen. “Combining the best and most common tools from both worlds the Sigmoid S7P offers enormous flexibility, no matter if you want to run Marlin, Klipper, OctoPrint or Mainsail. The choice is yours.”

The Sigmoid S7P campaign is hopeful of successfully raising funds, and smoothly progressing into its mass production and worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around March 2022.

Source: Kickstarter


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