Sunday, April 21, 2024

New Capacitive Display Panel For Connected Vehicle Environment

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TOKAI RIKA Co. Ltd and Alpine Co. Ltd. have jointly developed a capacitive display panel that contributes to the safe and reliable mobility.

New automotive connectivity solutions are emerging and now the connected vehicle ecosystem is transforming the driving experience with the help of constantly evolving connectivity trends. HMI (Human-Machine Interface) plays an important role in the connected vehicle environment. New age vehicles equip various sorts of HMI technologies and assist driver and passengers to control infotainment, connectivity solutions and ADAS applications.

Design engineers are trying to improve HMI systems to make it more user friendly and capacitive sensing is at the heart of this trend. A capacitive sensor is composed of a pair of adjacent electrodes. When a human finger comes in close proximity to these sensors, the additional capacitance is created between electrodes and finger which can be measured to detect presence. Therefore, capacitive displays require no physical contact between the user and sensor for detection. In this way capacitive displays aid the design and implementation of HMI applications.

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Contributing to this technology, TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd. and Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. have jointly developed a capacitive display panel as a next-generation human-machine interface (HMI) product assisting safe and comfortable mobility by enabling intuitive control of a variety of information via features such as car navigation systems and heater control switches.The jointly developed capacitive display panel consists of an input/output display device enabling hovering and gesture operation, as well as touch controls incorporating vibrational feedback technology. Intuitive control is realized through application of technologies, such as capacitive sensing and vibration-based tactile feedback.

The display panel applies high-sensitivity capacitive sensing and has an easy to understand icon display. The display has multi-level input based on the user’s finger proximity. Moreover, the users can go to the hope page with a simple gesture. All of this minimizes a driver’s tendency to look at screens, thereby contributing to safe and reliable mobility.

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