Sunday, June 16, 2024

New Wireless Standard To Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

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  • AirFuel RF is a new wireless charging standard that uses Radio Frequency waves to transfer energy up to a few meters.
  • The AirFuel RF can charge or power multiple devices simultaneously and is suitable for IoT applications.

AirFuel RF released by AirFuel Alliance is a new global interoperable standard for RF wireless power transfer. It uses radio waves to transfer energy wirelessly and can charge devices up to a few meters. The AirFuel RF can enable wireless charging and powering multiple devices simultaneously within a three-dimensional area. Moreover, this RF technology can be embedded into very small electronic devices, such as electronic shelf labels, wearables, hearable, IoT sensors, etc. It can enable engineers to eliminate battery and design truly wireless electronics, therefore, making the device more compact, lighter, sturdier and cheaper.

According to the company, the AirFuel RF is designed to power the IoT market. It paves the way for broader adoption and deployment of RF-energy harvesting ecosystems, enabling multi-device charging capability with true spatial freedom. AirFuel RF uses radio waves to transfer energy wirelessly from a few centimetres up to a few meters. AirFuel RF creates zones of energy that can be harvested to power active devices or to charge batteries.

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“Our members on the RF Working Committee, such as Energous, Atmosic, and SK Telesys, have worked tirelessly to design and release this global interoperable standard. Standardization is crucial to worldwide consumer acceptance, interoperability of devices and chargers, and infrastructure development, by creating a network effect for the adoption of technology and sharing a proven framework for others to follow. We will offer an AirFuel Certified Engineer program for RF in the spring as well as other educational opportunities and resources. Accelerating demand in the market requires standardization, and AirFuel is thrilled to lead the way.”


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