Monday, July 15, 2024

Rework System For Servers, Backplanes & Extra-Large Boards

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LT120 is a rework system for large complex boards or ones used in high-production facilities.

The LT120 can allow OEMs to build prototype assemblies with components larger than pick-and-place systems could handle.

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VJ Electronix, Inc. has released the LT120 rework systems that can handle PCBs for servers, backplanes & extra-large boards. The rework process typically involves several steps, which may include inspection, preparation, removal, replacement, and testing. The goal of the rework system is to ensure that the PCB meets the required standards of performance, reliability, and functionality. Rework systems for complex boards or ones used in high-production facilities are automated to shorten the time. The large work area and high-resolution imaging in the LT120 system enable it to work with very large BGA components on large PCBs. The LT120 allows fast and accurate alignment of BGAs and other packages up to 120 mm x 120 mm which enables a higher system throughput.

Bigger components which include high-powered components are usually very expensive and therefore are low on supply. Hence, most operators avoid working with large components as the alignment of large components has always been a challenge during rework. The ability to see the entire component provides confidence for the rework operator. To overcome this issue, the LT120 employs an ultra-high-resolution vision system which provides the accuracy needed to deliver reliable rework for these very high-value components. Thus making the LT120 a good choice for extra large servers, backplanes and boards and/or very large component applications. It utilizes a new vision system with an increased field of view for aligning these very large BGAs which is a growing trend in the market.

According to the company, the LT120 was originally designed to allow OEMs to build prototype assemblies with components larger than pick-and-place systems could handle. The intuitive alignment GUI allows the user to quickly identify the component, large or small, then zoom in to the corners for a simplified, yet accurate alignment thus increasing system throughput.

VJ Electronix, Inc. manufactures production-ready, automated Rework and X-ray inspection systems with advanced capabilities.



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