Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Single Plug-and-Play Gate Drivers Suitable For Rugged Applications

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The incorporated SCALE-2 technology optimises footprint, improves efficiency, performance and reliability of power inverters and converters

Ideal for light-rail, renewable energy generation and other rugged, high-reliability applications, here’s presenting the SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers by Power Integrations. Built for ‘New Dual’ 100 mm x 140 mm IGBT modules, the compact new drivers can support modules up to 3.3 kV.

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The SCALE-iFlex Single gate drivers use the proprietary SCALE-2 ASIC technology that reduces component count. The ASIC also provides Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) over-voltage protection during normal operation, which adds extra protection in case of short-circuit during turn-on. This is an improvement over a simple soft shut down.

The SCALE-iFlex Single gate drivers are rated at 20 A peak output current per channel at 85 °C ambient temperature with no airflow. Higher power levels are possible with cooling or a lower ambient temperature. Both electrical and fibre-optic interfaces are available.

The devices are conformally coated and feature reinforced isolation. Isolated housings ensure isolation between modules when they are mounted side-by-side. Devices are pre-qualified according to railway standards IEC 61373 – Class 1B (shock & vibration) and IEC 61000-4-x (EMC tests) and IEC 60068-2-x (serial environmental tests). Burn-in is optionally available.

“SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers fit the outline of the latest standard IGBT power modules including the Mitsubishi LV100/HV100, Infineon xHP2 and xHP3, ABB LinPak, Hitachi nHPD² and other similar products,“ said Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager at Power Integrations.

The SCALE-iFlex Single gate drivers are available for sampling now from Power Integrations.


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