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Solid-State MEMS DynamicVent for Active Ambient Control

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Skyline is the world’s first solid-state MEMS DynamicVent for active ambient control.

The Skyline can enhance the music listening experience of the listener by opening or closing the vent to change the level of sound isolation. The DynamicVent can help adjust the attenuation up to 25dB at a frequency of 100Hz, it can improve spatial awareness, and reduce occlusion effects for the users when required. DynamicVents can also help in reducing ear pressure by closing off the vent while flying. The A digital signal processor (DSP) is integrated in the solution which controls the seal or leak of the sound based on sensor fusion, i.e. the DynamicVent can take inputs from different sensors such as microphone, accelerometer, barometer, etc. and control the vent to improve the listening experience for the user. The DynamicVent can be employed into TWS, wired earphones, hearing aid, etc.

A dynamic vent refers to a small opening or hole in the earbud housing that allows air to flow in and out of the ear canal. This helps to relieve pressure that can build up in the ear when wearing earphones, especially for extended periods of time. Dynamic vents in earphones can also improve sound quality by allowing air to move more freely within the ear canal, resulting in a more natural and balanced sound. Some earphone models feature adjustable dynamic vents that can be opened or closed to fine-tune the sound signature.

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Specifications of SKYLINE
Low Frequency Roll-off @ 100Hz (IEC 6018-4 Coupler) 21.5dB
Acoustic Impedance (kg/(m4s)) 540k (vent open)
3.7G (vent sealed)
Equivalent Vent Diameter (mm)
Package Dimensions Skyline: 4.0W x 5.0L x 1.15H (mm)
Alpine single channel: 1.0W x 1.2L x 0.6 (mm)
Alpine dual channel: 1.5W x 1.8L x 0.6 (mm)


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