Monday, July 15, 2024

Timestrip Introduces A Vaccine Temperature Indicator

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Timestrip introduced a temperature indicator that helps healthcare professionals avoid wastage of vaccines.

Vaccines are very fragile biomedical substances that become less effective or even destroyed if they are exposed to temperatures outside the recommended storage range. Therefore, the vaccine temperature must be monitored continuously to make sure that vaccines are not wasted by exposure to high temperatures.

The Vaccine Freeze Monitor ‘VFM -7⁰C’, developed by Timestrip, is activated just when monitoring is required. The monitoring can be started by simply pressing a button on the back. The monitor is then placed in the packaging along with the frozen vaccine vials. From then on, VFM -7⁰C follows the temperature precisely, and shows a clear alert if temperatures rise above -7⁰C, in which case, the vaccines must be discarded or sent for examination.

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VFM -7⁰C can be activated at any point in the cold chain. In addition to vaccines, the indicators can be used to protect other sensitive pharmaceutical products.

“Use of the VFM -7⁰C avoids vaccine wastage and ensures vaccine efficacy is not compromised”, said Nora Murphy, Commercial Director of Timestrip. “It also encourages sound quality procedures throughout storage and transport of the valuable vaccine supplies.”

VFM -7⁰C is now available for broader use in monitoring sensitive pharma products.



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