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Trackpad With Enhanced Speed, Accuracy and Functionality

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  • FusionPad can enable designers to build thinner laptops with better cooling and longer battery life.
  • The trackpad is capable of differentiating between a finger from a pen or any other object using a sensing matrix technology
FusionPad (Source: Peratech)

Peratech and Innovobot have jointly developed FusionPad, a haptic force-enhanced trackpad that can enhance the laptop user experience. The touchpad also offers a broad range of functionality such as muti-finger touch support, and fast, accurate haptic feedback to optimize control. It can enhance the notebook user experience as it allows for a broad range of user interactions. The FusionPad’s thin profile allows engineers to build thinner laptops or utilize the saved space for including a bigger battery and have a better airflow, thus, making the laptop perform better and longer without requiring extra space.

The FusionPad offers functionalities such as multi-finger clicks and also offers accurate haptic feedback to optimize control. It also eliminates false touch while typing. The trackpad is integration-ready and compatible with existing product engineering tools. It is also process and technology ready for AVL-approved supply chains.

According to the company, the FusionPad combines Peratech’s patented Quantum Tunneling Composites technology and Innovobot Labs’ applied haptics design. It also employs  Peratech’s sensing matrix, which is made of hundreds of individual force sensors, which allows the trackpad to differentiate a finger from a pen or any other object. It enables the trackpad to detect different levels of applied pressure not only identifying an intensity, but also a profile. The haptic output developed by Innovobot Labs offers an expanded high-fidelity frequency range of 150 Hz to 350 Hz, as opposed to the limited single frequencies currently available on the market.

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“The tactile-feedback loop between great, consistent sensing and beyond single-click haptics, drives the new level of expanded functionality that FusionPad makes available to OEMs and their end-users,” states Jon Stark, CEO at Peratech. “What’s more, our firmware intelligence enables a design philosophy that uses ordinary parts in extraordinary ways, making FusionPad more affordable to the broader OEM market.”.


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