Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Presenting The Upgraded CalWeb Asset Management Software

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The next-gen version streamlines management of fleets of test & measurement equipment requiring calibration and repair services

For quite some time, test and measurement (T&M) engineers had been relying on Tektronix’s cloud-based asset management software called CalWeb to ensure timely equipment maintenance and calibration to meet vital regulatory requirements. Thanks to this approach, customers can see their calibration, repair histories and related documentation all in a secure, globally accessible computer or mobile device.

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But with the increasing demands and fluctuating scenarios causing it, managing large fleets of test and measurement equipment for calibration services can be a time-consuming, manual process. 

To address this problem, T&M engineers can now speed up and simplify and simplify calibration of their equipment fleet with the new upgraded version called the CalWeb 2021.

It provides instant access to more information and integrates smoothly with existing systems. Key functions include:

  • New barcode creation, printing and scanning – CalWeb can create and print barcodes to tag equipment and correlate it to chosen database fields. Using a smartphone or barcode scanner, customers can instantly view calibration history and certificates, repair history and other useful information.
  • New integration through CalWeb REST API – The secure REST API ensures easy integration of CalWeb with any in-house IT system. The REST API features standard HTTP request function calls with Swagger and Postman API development tool sandboxes.
  • New report generation tool – Manual spreadsheets requiring hours of analysis are replaced by flexible, customised reports on any assets that are managed through CalWeb with the click of a button. Flexible functionality enables the creation of both ad-hoc and scheduled reports.
  • Expansive equipment management capability –CalWeb users can now get automatic notifications when any of their test and measurement equipment is due for calibration. CalWeb can be used for managing equipment from any manufacturer – be it from Tektronix or not.

“Customers manage complicated fleets of test and measurement equipment, often with multiple brands that require calibrations or other services at different times. With CalWeb, we simplify all of that for customers, so they can track all their services on all equipment from the palm of their hand,” says Tektronix Service and Support Organisation vice president Corey Christmann. 

He further adds, “The powerful CalWeb features answer our customers’ needs for streamlined fleet management and improved communications around the calibration of all their products, regardless of the brand. The ability to scan and access documentation, run reports and integrate swiftly with existing systems advances our service software beyond expectations.”


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