Monday, June 17, 2024

Vector Network Analyser That Maintains Calibration Accuracy

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Vector network analysers are a key measuring device in the field of high-frequency technology for precise analysis

The continuous growth of radio and cellular networks, data traffic and data rates has led to demand for high-performance measurement technology. Vector network analysers here are a key measuring device in the field of high-frequency technology. Measurement of passive or active components, verification of 2-port networks or adaptation of antennas are just a few examples of where VNAs are required.

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To address this demand, SIGLENT Technologies presents its first 2- or 4-port vector network analyser, which is the first family of products introduced in the new ‘A-Line’. This is expressed by the new suffix ‘A’ at the end of each model number. Compared to the existing, very successful X-series devices, which focus on price-performance, the A-line focuses on quality, reliability and efficiency.

The SNA5000A network analyser comes with frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz or 8.5 GHz. The dynamic range spans 125 dB and enables, for example, a precise analysis of the stopband of a filter without losing sight of the passband. The analysers support 2/4 port S-parameters and differential S-parameter measurements. Time domain analysis can be performed with the options SNA5000-TDA (Time Domain Analysis) or SNA5000-TDR (Enhanced Time Domain Analysis).

The accuracy of a network analyser is very much linked to the accuracy of the calibration. Different calibration techniques are required for different applications. With the SNA5000A, the user can choose between 1-port, extended 1-port, full 2-port correction and the different techniques SOLT, SOLR, TRL to obtain the best accuracy for the respective application. An adjustable reference plane, port matching and the embedding / de-embedding of test sockets eliminate external sources of error. The VNAs of the SNA5000A series offer five types of sweeps: linear and logarithmic frequency sweeps, output power sweeps, time domain sweeps and segmented sweeps. The formula editor and the mask test support the developer in the analysis of test object and accelerate the evaluation and verification.

The large 12-inch touchscreen can be flexibly configured so that several windows with different measurements can be displayed. The short-cut menu helps with configuration and offers quick access to the most important functions. The device supports an external mouse and keyboard, external monitor via HDMI, and can be controlled via the web interface from the PC.

Several more A-series devices will follow in the next 18 months.


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