Sunday, May 26, 2024

Find it, Fix it! Engineering Tools for Development

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The Government of India is sparing no efforts to bring about action in the space of economic development. Make in India, Start up India and Stand up India in a combined manner is redefining the paradigm of economic growth. In a young nation with 72 percent of founders less than 35 years of age, the start ups are surely the next growth engine. That said; Government of India has allocated about Rs. 10,000 Crore for the start up managed by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is a known fact. India is moving towards a Digital economy. While the Digital India initiative aims to bring forth change in the way transactions are conducted, Internet of Things (IoT) is being spoken about everywhere especially by the technocrats as the next big phenomenon in that direction. The power of technology has slowly begun to percolate and benefit common man and IoT is gradually going beyond just machine to machine communications to cover a variety of devices and applications.

Every second company in the start up space is working directly or indirectly on an IoT idea. Most of these ideas are beginning to take shape from the University incubation centres. Indians are never in dearth of software skills, however when it comes to electronics hardware, there seems to be paucity of skilled work force. Given this scenario, there are plenty of “ready to use” engineering development tools and kits are available in the market for those whose wish to work on their strengths. There are many advantages to go with a plug and play hardware set up to test the proof of concept (PoC) . Development tools and kits along with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)and daughter cards are a quick fix when it comes to“time to market” issues. Here are quite a number of sources on the brick and mortar model that provide support and guidance to resolve hardware challenges. Even in India, we have a matured supply chain system on the brick and mortar space. However, we are yet to see a fully evolved support system in identifying, tracking, and offer technological/supply chain support online. However, some effort is underway at the, a home grown start up that seeks to offer a variety of electronic components and hardware solutions which quite make up for the demand to buy instantly and Online.

At over 25,000 engineering development tools are available from a wide assortment of domains and manufacturers. The kit comes fully equipped with evaluation kits, Development boards, debuggers JTAG, daughter cards and other compatible sockets/adaptors. Adafruit, Arduino and Seeed Studio are some of the popular manufacturers of development boards including Single board computing (SBC) and System on Modules (SoM) to provide designers a cutting edge support and faster time to market propositions. Today, simple electronics is not acceptable anymore. Functionality along with aesthetics is the order of the day. Fortunately the young design engineers understand this concept well. Say for instance, some folks would want to just make art which is why Arduino is easy to use and code. If it’s some wearable microprocessor on clothing applications, we can choose the Gemma module from Adafruit, Computer code and circuit designs can be just as much an art as a tool. The Key to this is the belief that what you are creating is new and special, which is a reflection of your intuition and creativity.


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