Friday, June 14, 2024

Renesas showcases next generation technology at DevCon India 2016

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419_Renesas_DevCon_Exhibition-1DevCon India 2016 focused on embedded technologies being showcased by various firms, as well as a two day conference focused on embedded technologies for system engineers. Topics focused include MCUs, analogue and power devices, and system solution technologies.

The winners for the Renesas GR-Kaede design contest, which was done in partnership with EFY, were also announced. The final winners:
1. UPASANA Diagnsotic Toolkit for Asha worker
2. Smart agriculture system
3. Sign language recognition using sensor gloves

Speaking at the keynote, Mr. Sunil Dhar, President of Renesas Electronics India, said, “India is on the path to become the 2nd biggest startup ecosystem in the world.”

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Excerpts from keynote by Mr. Sunil Dhar, President of Renesas Electronics India.

“Better economy means better lifestyle and more jobs for us as well the next generations. I personally moved from Singapore to India last year to enjoy this growth and be a part of this journey. The reality today is that we are growing 7.8% CAGR. At that rate there is some gap and we may not reach the #3 position by 2030. This means that we have to run faster, innovate and achieve higher growth. To be #3 means we need to be a 10 trillion $ economy. One of the factors at play here is that which is related to investments in human capital, innovations and doing more business together.


In order to create the business together, we need to look the market landscape. The Internet of Things has transformed the market landscape. In IoT, the value chain has reversed and this means we need to look at it from the consumer needs side and then work our way to the service provider, then the system integrator, and eventually to the semiconductor level.


Data shows that there are 600 milion people below 25, and these are our future customers. These are millennials who are impatient, experience oriented, tech savvy and self create solutions.

India is on track to become the 2nd biggest startup ecosystem in the world. Big companies are also dominating the value chain — the Google’s and Microsoft’s of the world understand their customers needs and are creating value. There is also a rising number of R&D labs coming to India, there is an investment of $9.3 billion in India.”


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