Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tata Trusts Recruits Talent from Top Universities

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Tata Trusts in collaboration with other partners is hiring talents from prestigious universities to support sustainable development

Tata Trusts, the charity hand of the Tata Groups has taken up seven projects in the field of health, education, water, energy, rural uplift, urban poverty alleviation and crafts and culture. In collaboration with other partners, the philanthropy organisation is hiring from top universities for sharp-edge outcomes.

With the advancement of scientific knowledge and technology-friendly environment, the organisation has also planned to take up the two platforms imparting innovation and research institutions.

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By looking at the present issues occurring in the country, the trusts will majorly focus on nutrition, sanitation, cancer care, eliminating malaria and tuberculosis and also on rural poverty alleviation.

To implement these projects, the trusts need to supplement its human resource where it has already begun its work to support technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recruitments from top universities

To boost human functionalities and management width, it is hiring human brainpower from universities like Harvard University, University of London, New York University, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Business, Birla Institute of Technology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Ashoka University. Where it ranked its skilled talents to 300 this year.

It is not only recruiting from universities but also from Tata companies, TAS managers, and other corporates and management consultancies to bring in expertise across all fields. Being a conglomerate from salt to software, the company’s charity arm is focusing more on resolving the emerging crisis of the country by investing in it financially year by year.


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