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Innovation for Environmental Change 2021 Design Contest

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About the challenge

This electronics design contest is brought to you by Altium LLC, IPC Education Foundation and Arduino. Altium LLC is a printed circuit board software company based in San Diego, California.

This contest is open to all students who are in high schools and undergraduate students from colleges or universities. Team of four or more members will work together to create a prototype design that will improve the environment using Altium’s Upverter Modular PCB design software and the Arduino Portenta H7.

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Registration is now open
Deadline to register is Oct 1, 2021.
Submission deadline is Nov 19, 2021


First Prize $1500

Second Prize $750

Third Prize $500

All winners will also receive a free Arduino Portenta H7 and Upverter design manufactured for free.

Participants can register here.


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