Tuesday, June 6, 2023

PCBWay Design Contest

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About the Challenge
Challenge is around two main themes: IoT (Internet of Things), which will include home automation, wearable or other interesting projects. Just free your imagination! The other one is robotics, which could be combined with smart cars, drones or other automated projects. We believe you can build your own one!

Project Release Time 9 Aug 2021 -30 Nov 2021
Project Review Time 1 Dec – 12 Dec 2021
Result Announcement Time 13 Dec 2021

First Prize: $1500 Cash, $200 Coupon, Raspberry Pi 4G
Second Prize: $1000 Cash, $100 Coupon, Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Third Prize: $500 Cash, $50 Coupon, Arduino Uno Rev3
Popular Design Prize: $100 Cash, $20 Coupon, Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter

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Participants can register here.



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