Friday, May 24, 2024

Top Trends To Expect In Gaming

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Technology is something that is constantly evolving, constantly moving forward, and it seems that every year things are advancing at an even quicker rate. One area where the huge strides forward in technology have had a real impact is in the online gaming and slot industry. In fact, the industry has seen new trends created over recent times which are more than worth keeping an eye on as time progresses. We’ve picked out just a few of the trends we think will have a real impact in the coming months.

Virtual Reality Gaming

There’s no denying that virtual reality hasn’t taken off as expected, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a huge impact going forward. With the prices of the hardware, as well as the required specifications, reduced it means that VR tech is more inclusive than ever, and it has the ability to literally transform the gaming industry. It’s potentially the online casino industry where VR can really make a name for itself though, as we could see virtual casinos take off, giving players that truly authentic casino experience, from wherever they wish.

Skill Based Gaming

One word that everybody will associate with casino gaming is luck. Slot games are some of the most popular games played at land based, online and mobile casinos, and while they are fun and entertaining, the bottom line is that winning is based on luck rather than skill or strategy. With the rapid rise of eSports, millennials are now looking to play games where it’s more about skill, and showing off their abilities, and this has seen the creation of skill-based casino games. The move will see the industry cater for the needs of more players than ever.

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Unique & Exclusive Games

In this extremely competitive marketplace, operators are always in search of innovative and fresh gaming content. Players are always interested in new games, especially online slot games. Development companies have always embraced new technology to create the best games with the latest graphics, unique bonus features and gameplay. However, more and more operators are now turning in-house to produce truly unique and exclusive online slot games. mFortune is one of the leading online slot brands that create their very own online slot games, and in so doing guarantee all their players exclusive games that can be found nowhere else in the business.

Live Streaming

Players streaming themselves playing video and casino games has been around for a number of years now. For well over a decade streaming has been a thing, but over the last five years or so things seem to have really taken off. Sites like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube see millions log on daily to broadcast or view streams and now game developers are using it to their advantage to not only promote new games and content, but to also gauge the reaction, allowing for adjustments to be made to ensure they maximise the full potential of the game or content.


I think everyone will admit that eSports has grown even bigger than imagined already, and it’s still growing at an impressive rate too. We’re seeing more games developed with eSports in mind as gamers want to be able to compete against the very best, not only to win money, but recognition too. We’re seeing more eSports leagues and events happen regularly, with bigger sponsors getting involved too. Now you can even place bets on the outcome of eSport tournaments and leagues, with various events being broadcast live on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, and we’re even seeing many on television too.


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