Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ultra-Fast Pit Stops: SiC Module-Based 400 kW DC Charger For EVs

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  • Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFET is an integral part of the electric charging station designed by Ingeteam
  • The use of SiC technology offers several benefits such as fast and efficient charging and  requirement of less components

Spain-based power conversion company Ingeteam and Infineon Technologies have teamed up for providing best customer experience in superfast electric vehicle (EV) charging by launching the 400 kW rated, INGEREV RAPID ST400 converter from Ingeteam (based on Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs).

A single charging point implements eight  FF6MR12W1M1_B11 modules. Depending on the charging capabilities of the respective car, an EV now only needs to stop for a minimum of 10 minutes for an 80 per cent battery charge. This is comparable to refuelling a conventional car with an internal combustion engine.

The design of the INGEREV RAPID ST400 converter allows it has to operate successfully in real-life conditions. Located at Ugaldebieta, Spain on the heavily frequented A-8 motorway, the charging station features four ultra-fast charging points. These units guarantee optimal distribution of the available power between four vehicles that can be connected simultaneously. More importantly, the technology is flawless and operates without any major downturns since the start.

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“SiC enables high switching speeds with lower switching losses. This results in shorter charging times and charging stations that are about one-third smaller since considerably fewer components are required for cooling,” said Dr Peter Wawer, president of Infineon’s Industrial Power Control division. “With its physical properties, SiC can make an important contribution to electric mobility. As various consumer studies show, the acceptance of electromobility very much depends on the availability of efficient fast-charging infrastructure. We have proven that we can provide the underlying technology.”


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