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Parents Keep Track of Their Neonates Health on Real Time Basis

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We3Health’s journey started when Scott Bolick and Brittany Lothe’s son Will was born premature in the 24th week and kept in the ICN – Intensive Care Nursery (also known as NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). They realized the hardships and challenges parents face when they saw their infant fighting for his life, and decided to start We3Health for Neonates.

The Will’s Way Foundation looked to partner with an open source solution provider who could help them develop a platform to track, monitor and connect a parent, a baby and a nurse in an ICN. The founders approached the team at Josh Software with an aim of developing a mobile-based solution, to keep the parents and child connected on a real time basis. Josh Software is accredited with building a similar NICU product in India, known as Kimaya NICU. With Josh Software’s expertise and understanding of this sector and its requirements, the team was able to create a scalable and high-performance solution for Will’s Way.

The application has two main characteristics i.e. to create an efficient communication channel between the parents and the medical team, and to educate and enable parents to give their baby the required care. We3 health focuses on building a connection between parents, child and nurse by providing curated data through messaging and videos, capturing questions & thoughts anywhere and anytime, and linking to social networks to share critical information with families and friends.

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Speaking about the partnership, Scott Bollick, co-founder of Will’s Way Foundation said, “The Josh Software team clearly has top notch development practices, but we were especially excited to learn about the team’s understanding of the requirements of NICUs and their common passion for bettering the life of the most fragile of babies. This experience and passion was the biggest edge that allowed the rapid development of a great solution.”

Adding on this, Gautam Rege, Co-founder and Managing Director, Josh Software said, “Developing a solution for such little fighters and their parents, which could further help in improving their lives really motivated us to make this happen. The team at Will’s Way was very supportive, and their intent of having an active solution like We3Health further motivated us in building a long-term, scalable solution on a real time basis.”

The development for We3Health solution started in May 2015 and was launched in October 2015. Parents, who have used this application, have been extremely appreciative of the app and recommended this to other parents. The brand hopes to connect and reach every ICN, across the United States and other countries, to build a better connect of clarity and support between parents, nurses and the babies in the ICN.


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