Friday, April 12, 2024

IoT Starter Kit For The Retail Market

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The self-powered, stamp-sized computers bring the IoT technology to supply chains of every brand, retailer and solution provider

Providing an exciting IoT experience with the help of self-powered, stamp-sized computers is the new Wiliot Starter Kit. Announced as a part of the “Open Release” program by the kit’s manufacturer Wiliot, it includes small Bluetooth bridge devices for reading IoT Pixel tags, which capture and transmit data to the Wiliot Cloud network and later received on digital devices, such as smartphones.

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Aimed towards retailers, the Starter Kit will allow improved inventory management, consumption monitoring, anti-counterfeiting, product traceability and more.

A US$200M venture capital invested by Softbank Vision Fund has boosted Wiliot to work in solving challenges across many industries besides apparel, food and beverage and healthcare sectors.

“This is a milestone in democratising the Internet of Things,” said Tony Small, Wiliot’s Chief Business Officer. “The vision, which is now a reality is to transform the Internet of expensive Things to the Internet of everyday Things by adding intelligence and connectivity to everything from packaging to containers and clothing – for just pennies.”


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