Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sensing Without Using A Sensor!

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The SpaceSense feature from Signify offers a new way to automate your lights using WiFi sensing technology for the WiZ lighting system.

Credit : Signify

Signify has introduced SpaceSense, a  motion detection technology that doesn’t require any sensor to be installed. This innovative technology uses Wi-Fi signals that are already present in the room to detect motion. This eliminates the need for dedicated sensors and batteries.

The Wi-Fi signals are slightly disturbed when people move around in a room, like a ripple in a swimming pool. The device measures small deviations in signal strength caused by those disturbances. The WiZ lights can determine if there is an object moving in the room. The detection is omnidirectional. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted to avoid any deviations from occurring.

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The system is accompanied by multiple other accessories which are optional for users such as the Smart Button. It allows users to control lights with just one click of a button. This button as well is Wi-Fi operated. It sends wireless commands directly to the lights without going through the Wi-Fi router, so it works even when the Wi-Fi is down. All one needs to do is stick it up on a metal surface as it comes with a magnet in the back and it is ready to control all the connected lights.

“For many users the need for extra hardware to enable motion detection in their system felt complex, expensive and cumbersome. Now, for the first time ever, SpaceSense takes those hurdles away, opening up automations and other smart lighting advanced benefits to everyone,” said Danny Lousberg, Head of Software Product Management of WiZ.

This technology can be adapted to a wide range of applications, may it be domestic or industrial. This can not only enable good lighting but a single system managing the Wi-Fi network as well as other necessary appliances and machines.


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