Monday, May 27, 2024

Thermally comfortable wristbands built by four engineering students from MIT.

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Personal thermostats released by Embr Labs from MIT will make winter more bearable, it comes as a wristband. Four engineering students from MIT participated in a competition and showcased the smart wristband which will make you feel warmer or colder through skin contact, called as Wristify.

The main objective of Wristify is to make people feel comfortable in any kind of weather irrespective of warm or cold, so that they get the required relief needed for that weather condition. The device helps you to control the temperature to a certain extent.  It will also help in reducing energy usage in any building. The studies conducted at the Center for the Built environment at the University of California at Berkley that a building’s thermostat zone, before the heating or air conditioning triggers is extended by 1 degree, it can reduce the energy by 10 per cent and if it is extended by 2 degrees then depending on type of building and geographical location, energy can be reduced by 20 per cent.

The wristband can retain the comfort level enough to extend that neutral zone. The major breakthrough for Wristify team was to deliver heat in waves. Let take the example of a shower, after a couple of minutes under the hot shower you get accustomed to the temperature after which you increase the water temperature. They engineered there way to deliver rhythmic waves of temperature that fades in and out, stopping you to adapt in that sensation and constantly increasing the heat.


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