Thursday, July 18, 2024

Widen Your Design Skills With This Digital Electronics Costest

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Best design proposals utilising the Arduino MKR VIDOR or PSCoC4200 board will receive boards to help complete their projects

To recognise and celebrate the configurability of digital technology – from digital logic and programming for complex decision making to FPGA, element14 has announced its latest Project14 design challenge called Digital Fever. Participants will have the opportunity to design their choice of digital project with a wide variety of components. The best five proposals that utilise the Arduino MKR VIDOR or PSCoC4200 board from Cypress Infineon will receive boards to help complete their projects.

Ideas for inspiration include:

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  • Digital Logic µFR NFC Card Reader – part 1, which shows how you can make a simple console program that checks the type of card is on top of the reader and get the card ID.
  • VidorScout – MKR Vidor 4000 Mobile Robot​, an autonomous mobile robot that uses Sensor Fusion, which combines camera vision, Time of Flight sensor data and IR sensors to identify objects for both object avoidance and identification. 
  • Flipping Core Memory Bits Directly With a Magnetic Stylus, a snake game works and is now available to buy at

Besides developing, participants are also asked to document their progress through a series of blogs, with the best-executed projects standing a chance to win US$ 200 that can be used at Newark in North America, Farnell in Europe or element14 in Asia-Pacific.

The objective of the Project14 design challenge is to promote shared learning and cooperation among the element14 Community. The Digital Fever is based on a design challenge suggestion involving anything from FPGA, logic gate ICs, CMOS logic, TTL, DTL and discrete.

To enter the Project14 Digital Fever Contest, participants simply need to register an account at the element14 Community and submit a blog entry detailing their idea and how they plan to develop it. 


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