Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wireless Charging Technology Developed For Various Power Applications

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From home appliances to electric vehicles, the new AC wireless power hybrid technology enhances efficiency, range and speed of charging

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Boosting the power, efficiency, charging distance and data transmission capabilities of wireless charging applications is the new AC power technology by Eggtronic called the E2WATT.

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With an efficiency comparable to the best conventional wired AC adaptors, E2WATT offers to introduce future mobile charging designs into new segments, including laptops, AV equipment, and even home appliances and electric vehicles.

Traditional Qi wireless power is limited by a distance of usually 5 mm and a maximum power of up to 30 W. E2WATT technology increases this reach by up to 40mm, that is, eight times further while delivering up to 300 W.

E2WATT wireless technology is powered directly from AC mains without needing an external power supply. The single-stage hybrid design minimises losses compared with conventional double-stage wireless technologies and delivers significantly increased peak efficiencies of up to 95%.

“We developed the entire E2WATT wireless platform, from the concept to proprietary architecture and firmware, to overcome the limitations of standard AC power adaptors and Qi wireless chargers, multiplying the number of applications and the usability of products based on Qi technology,” said Igor Spinella, CEO and founder of Eggtronic.

“The industry-changing performance of E2WATT is enabled by the high-speed gallium nitride – or GaN – semiconductor technology used in GaNFast power ICs,” added Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing at Navitas Semiconductor. “The Eggtronic team realised the limitations of legacy silicon chips and early discrete GaN with complex circuits and many discrete components. GaNFast power ICs are easy-to-use, ‘digital-in, power-out’ circuit building blocks, which meant the expert team in Modena could focus on their proprietary, high-speed E2WATT topology and achieve a very fast time to market.”

“We invented a hybrid AC wireless power solution which is both a power supply and a wireless charger, able to increase efficiency, power, distance and reduce both size and complexity,” said Matteo Ovi, Head of B2B Sales at Eggtronic. “With this announcement, we can expand into new segments and products that were not possible before. Wireless laptops, TVs, sound systems, home appliances and every other powerful electric and electronic device can be supplied wirelessly with the same efficiency of the best conventional wired AC adaptors.”

“Microchip Technology’s flexible dsPIC33 microcontroller with a powerful DSP core, high-speed ADCs and high-resolution PWMs enable the unique system architecture resulting in increased z-distance charging,” said Joe Thomsen, vice president of Microchip’s 16-bit microcontroller business unit. “Our collaboration with Eggtronic has resulted in the development of a unique and differentiated Qi transmitter design for customers.”

Such features reduce the global cost of the solution, increase performance and usability and enable a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, the platform allows for a significant drop in receiver temperatures. The charging performance of modern smartphones and laptops are therefore improved, resulting in a better user experience.

Several products based on the technology are currently being released while consumer, industrial and automotive solutions are in parallel development.


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