Saturday, June 15, 2024

900mA Dual-Channel Input with Integrated Boost SoC Li-Ion Battery Switching Charger

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Halo Microelectronics announced the release of its HL7090, a fully automatic and highly integrated lithium battery charging management IC with one switching charger, two linear chargers, and full-range programmable charge parameters through an I2C compatible interface.

The HL7090 is a compact, flexible, and high-efficiency switching-mode charge management IC for single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used in various IoT and wearable applications, including ear pods. The HL7090 integrates load switches to accommodate USB and wireless charging sources. Its integrated buck switching charger can operate in boost mode, which powers the linear chargers to charge two accessories simultaneously, ideal for earbud applications. The charge parameters can be programmed through the I2C interface (HL7090FN03 version). The IC integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFET, input current sensing, high-accuracy current, voltage regulation, and charge termination function into a tiny 3mm x 3mm QFN package.

The HL7090 provides fully automatic three-phase battery charging control, including trickle charge, constant-current charge (CC), and constant voltage charge (CV) until the battery reaches the charge termination voltage. The input current is automatically limited to the value set by the host, and the charging is terminated based on the battery voltage and a user-selectable minimum current level. A safety timer with reset control provides a safety backup for the I2C interface.

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During normal operation, the HL7090 automatically restarts the charge cycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold and automatically enters sleep mode, or high impedance mode when the input supply is not correctly connected. The charge status can be reported to the host through the I2C interface.

“Our new Li-ion battery switching charger IC with its fully automatic charge management takes all the worries out of charging IoT applications, providing convenience, no hassle, and peace of mind,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Microelectronics.”


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