Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Announcing 2.4 GHz FH Radio Units for Remote Control and Monitoring

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Circuit Design, Inc. is releasing the High/Low level status input unit KST2.4S and the output unit KSR2.4 for industrial applications. 

KST2.4S/KSR2.4 has an embedded radio module NK-2.4Y that has obtained US FCC certification and Japan radio type approval. There is no need to apply for any additional radio certification.

The unit contains the radio module, output photo-MOSFET, and communication monitor LEDs. This makes it easy to design radio systems for the start/stop of drive equipment and monitoring High/Low level changes.

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The radio unit operates with our own proprietary frequency hopping method. This enables simultaneous control over multiple systems in the same area without radio channel management. It also offers a Hamming distance of 6 which guarantees reliable communication. The LINK LED in the communications monitor indicates the link status of the radio at all times.

The dedicated harness provides an interface for the power supply, 6 inputs or 6 outputs, and the radio communication link monitor output terminal. The output unit KSR2.4 can control loads of up to 35V DC 200mA with the photo-MOSFET output. High level or Low level input/output are both possible*.   



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