Monday, July 22, 2024

Lithium Button Cells For World’s Smallest Wireless Sensors

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VARTA supplies lithium button cells to the Norwegian company Disruptive Technologies for their world’s smallest wireless sensors.

Lithium button cells are being widely employed in compact electronic devices such as wireless sensor networks. These wireless sensors that belong in an IoT network are used extensively, for example, in smart buildings and facilities management, in the area of smart offices and workplaces, and smart manufacturing and warehousing.

Disruptive technologies have developed the world’s smallest wireless sensors. These are tiny, robust, efficient and low-cost IoT sensors. VARTA is the supplier of the primary lithium coin cell

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CR1216, which enables the small size of the sensor through special battery assembly and low weight. Due to low internal resistance of the cell, high pulse load can occur and therefore, the battery has to be robust. Moreover, the button cell has a runtime of up to 15 years and a low self-discharge for long storage and operating time.

“The high and repeatable quality of the button cells with customized pin tags was the main criterion for selecting VARTA as supplier”, says Oystein Moldsvor, VP of Engineering at Disruptive Technologies.



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