Saturday, June 15, 2024

SCHURTER’s Latest Capacitive Switch for Hidden Installation

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Conventional switches inevitably require mounting holes in the user interface, but it isn’t the case with the new SCHURTER CHS (Capacitive Hidden Switch) which can be mounted hidden behind the surface of non-conductive materials.
With capacitive switches, an electric field is built up on the user surface of the sensor. This
technology is used to design SCHURTER CHS that no longer requires direct sensor contact
with the finger to trigger – the electrical field change required to trigger the switching process is still achieved even if a non-conductive material (glass, plastic, wood, or similar) is inserted between the sensor and the finger.
The new CHS is simply adhered behind a wide variety of non-conductive materials and thus
enables the construction of control elements for devices where hygiene plays a major role, for example in medical technology and food industry. Since there are no holes or slots created by the installation and the switch also has no moving parts, potentially nasty microbes have no possibility to "settle" on the user interface. This means that materials that are particularly easy to clean can be used.

The SCHURTER CHS is programmed such that it does not trip in the event of field changes
caused by liquids or minor wiping contact. Activation is only through precise touching of the
switching surface. However, adjustments can be made upon customers request based on the thickness of the material behind which the switch is bonded. The standard sensitivity is
designed for a glass thickness of up to 2 mm. Switches are always a challenge for industrial designers. Their installation in the user interface often “disturbs” the appearance and structure, and thus the desire for an invisible switch is therefore great since one no longer must compromise and has freedom in the design.

The new SCHURTER CHS is available in three different variants.
• CHS 1 is a design without illumination and with a mounting depth of less than 6 mm the
optimal solution for smaller developments.
• CHS 2 is the solution for the switch with optical feedback where the RGB lighting can
be used as a design element.
• CHS 3 is the potted version with lighting for use in harsh environments.


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