Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Robust Single Extrusion Now With Seamless Digital Workflow

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The new 3D printing solution allows users to wirelessly transfer their print jobs with added security from anywhere globally

Ultimaker, a provider of professional 3D printing solutions, introduces the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, the most accessible solution for those who wish to fully benefit from the Ultimaker ecosystem for the creation of simple 3D printing applications.

The new Ultimaker 2+ Connect improves on its predecessor’s legacy and allows users to send print jobs via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Cloud 3D printing with the Ultimaker Digital Factory enables remote file transfer with added security from anywhere globally and simplifies the installation of multiple machines. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect also offers intuitive control via its 2.4-inch colour touchscreen, an ergonomic feeder lever, and a stiffer build platform, reinforcing ease of use and reliability.

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Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker says, “True progress happens when reliable technology is accessible to everyone, everywhere. By seriously upgrading our most popular single extrusion 3D printer while maintaining affordable pricing, educators and small enterprises can keep getting their hands-on powerful entry-level 3D printers that simply work, day and night.”

Highly Resourceful

Thanks to its quick setup and easy operation, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is the right 3D printer to be used in general access 3D printing labs, giving more higher education students access to additive technology. It also allows small enterprises to achieve over 80 per cent time and cost savings (compared to outsourcing) by printing prototypes with a wide choice of inexpensive materials.

Every Ultimaker 2+ Connect comes with free e-learning as part of the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. Created by Ultimaker’s experts, this course guides you through setup, maintenance, use of Ultimaker Cura and more.

The clean and updated design keeps scheduled maintenance to just 4 hours per year, ensuring a high uptime – with no special tools required for maintenance tasks.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect features a 0.4 mm nozzle, which the user can swap for a 0.25 mm for detailed prints, 0.6 mm for faster prints, or 0.8 mm for quick drafts or 3D sketches.

Ultimaker is also introducing the optional Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager, designed to increase user safety. This top cover and front enclosure combination are proven to remove up to 95 per cent of ultrafine particles and shields users from hot and moving components, providing increased confidence and setup flexibility.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect and Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager are available through Ultimaker’s global partner network.


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