Saturday, June 22, 2024

Signify Expands its Philips Smart Wi-Fi Lighting Range with New Portable Smart Lamps

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 Signify has expanded its Philips Smart Wi-Fi lighting range in India with the launch of two new portable smart lamps – Philips Smart LED Squire and Philips Smart LED Hero. These beautifully designed lamps enable users to bring colorful smart light to any corner of their living area. You can place it on your bedside, coffee table or bookshelf to cast a soft colorful glow on the wall and create a cozy corner for reading, exercising or just relaxing at home.

With these easy-to-use portable lamps, you can brighten up your home with soft light in any color you like or simply apply a dynamic light mode designed for you. You can also choose from a wide range of energizing cool white to soft warm white lights, or simply select from the preset modes such as Focus and Relax to create the best ambience for your activities.

VLIM2020318NP;LED;WiZ;LEDBULB D;Bulb Dimensions – Diameter (mm):150;Bulb Dimensions – Length (mm):180

The Philips Smart LED Squire and Philips Smart LED Hero have a subtle round-shaped design and a simple plug-and-play operation which makes them easy to use and carry anywhere in the home. While the Philips Smart LED Squire table lamp comes with a dual-zone light effect, the Philips Smart LED Hero table lamp is equipped with a tap sensor control, in addition to app and voice controls.

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These smart portable table lamps can be remotely operated from anywhere using the Philips WiZ app or through voice control. They are also compatible with all smart home systems that work via existing Wi-Fi networks. You can also automate these smart lights to follow your daily or weekly routines. Schedule your lights to turn on in the morning or before you arrive home, and to keep them off to save energy, when they are not necessary.

Commenting on the launch, Sumit Joshi, CEO & Managing Director, Signify South Asia said, “The demand for smart lighting is steadily growing in India, owing to increasing internet penetration and a growing younger audience that prefers lighting that is smart and convenient. We are delighted to announce the expansion of our Philips Smart Wi-Fi lighting range in India with our newly launched portable table lamps– Philips Smart LED Squire and Philips Smart LED Hero. We are confident that users will enjoy the convenience of these plug-and-play portable lamps.”

The Philips Smart LED Squire and Philips Smart LED Hero table lamps are available in white colour and 9W option, on leading e-commerce platforms in India.


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