Wednesday, June 19, 2024

STMicroelectronics Enhances Digital Power Combination Controller For Overload Stability And Regulation

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STMicroelectronics’ STNRG011A digital power combination controller for 90W to 300W power supplies features enhanced overload management that ensures accurate output-voltage regulation when overcurrent protection is active.

Integrating a power-factor correction (PFC) controller, LLC resonant half-bridge controller, 800V startup circuitry, and supervisory engine, the STNRG011A is used in power adapters, chargers, and television and lighting power supplies. The multi-mode PFC controller implements performance-enhancing features including input-voltage feedforward, a distortion optimizer, and frequency limitation. The digital supervisory engine features an 8-bit core and dedicated peripherals, with digital algorithms stored in internal ROM to ensure reliability and a minimal bill of materials (BoM).

Compared to the existing STNRG011, the STNRG011A with its new overload-management algorithm increases the switching frequency when overcurrent protection is triggered. In addition to maintaining output-voltage regulation, this also prevents unwanted shutdown of the power supply.

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Further features include on-chip non-volatile memory for storing configuration parameters and calibration data, which saves external components and allows the device to be customized for specific application requirements. There is also a 2-pin UART port for monitoring and communication, which simplifies testing and allows real-time supervision and remote management. PFC and half-bridge protection are built in, as well as X-capacitor discharge circuitry compliant with IEC 62368-1 that helps minimize standby power.

The STNRG011A is in production now, in a SO20 package, priced from $2.08 for orders of 1000 pieces.



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