Monday, May 20, 2024

The New BNC Signal Conditioner Solution For All IEPE Sensors

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Pico Technology has launched a new solution which allows the use of IEPE sensors on all data acquisition devices with a 1 MΩ BNC interface. The TA487 IEPE Signal Conditioner is a simple adaptor that allows any PicoScope or oscilloscope to capture and measure signals from a large selection of piezo-electric IEPE sensors, such as the Pico Technology TA095 accelerometer.

Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric (IEPE) is the technical standard for sensitive piezo-electric sensors that include built-in active impedance conversion to boost the high-impedance signal through long lengths of cable with minimal noise. IEPE sensors are used in a vast variety of practical applications and industries such as automotive, medical, and aerospace; measuring acceleration, force, pressure, or audio.

Using the TA487 is as simple as connecting an IEPE sensor and the included USB cable to the TA487, and attaching it to a PicoScope or 1 MΩ BNC oscilloscope to capture data from the sensor. The TA487 provides the necessary constant current source and signal conditioning to both power the IEPE sensor and AC couple the signal into the measurement device.


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