Wednesday, June 19, 2024

TMR & Hall – Combined Angle Sensor with Automatic Position Correction and Multiturn

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The development board PVL4M provides, for the first time,  a TMR angle sensor (picture shows the application with the TA903 from Sensitec) in  combination with the Hall sensor iC-PVL from iC-Haus for absolute angle measurement and  revolution counting at the free shaft end, the so-called end-of-shaft position.  

Evaluation of the two sensors is performed by the new 26-bit encoder signal processor iC TW29 with integrated EEPROM. For combination with the PVL4M sensor board, there are  various iC-TW29 evaluation boards available. The sine/cosine signals from the TMR sensor are  processed in the chip, interpolated, and then output with an arbitrarily selectable singleturn  resolution, e. g. via BiSS interface with an angular resolution of 18 bits and 24 bits revolution counting. Due to a super cap on the sensor board, non-disruptive revolution counting by iC PVL is possible – even over several hours without external supply.  

The data output follows the shaft angle with a delay of only 1.5 µs, which is very close to that  of optical encoders. Simultaneously, automatic correction of dynamic signal errors ensures  high measurement accuracy over temperature or with axial backlash of the motor shaft. The  high signal quality of the TMR sensor enables better repeatable angle measurements with low  hysteresis.  

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Position output via SPI or as incremental quadrature signals with index at any arbitrary  FlexCount resolution from 1 to 32,768 pulses is also possible.  



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