Monday, April 22, 2024

Single-Phase High Current Choke In Vertical Design

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Suitable for use in any application requiring EMC asymmetrical inductance, such as frequency inverter for automation and energy storage

SCHURTER’s range of current-compensated chokes for printed circuit board mounting now comes in vertical design with the new DKIV-1 Series to support 1-phase high-current applications. The vertical design translates to a smaller footprint, and the chokes are available in ferrite or nanocrystalline core for rated currents from 10 A to 50 A.

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Like all other aspects of electronic design, the power circuit is oftentimes built using discrete components on printed circuit boards. With the trend towards integrating components to achieve smaller form factors, thermal problems and high current on the PCB can become a challenge. Traditional block filters might well address these challenges, but their larger package size also presents challenges due to space constraints. Therefore an asymmetrical effective common mode choke and capacitors mounted on the PCB is a better solution.

The through-hole mounted DKIV-1 Series chokes are suitable for use in any application requiring EMC asymmetrical inductance, such as frequency inverter for automation, photovoltaic, energy storage, charging stations for e-vehicles and UPS systems. They are also ideal for multistage filter applications where the combination of a vertical choke (DKIV) with a horizontal choke (DKIH) reduces the mutual interference of the magnetic fields of the individual chokes.

DKIV-1 Series has a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C and complies with IEC 60938 with a rated voltage of 300 VAC or 450 VDC. The rated current range of 10 to 50 A is rated 300 VAC according to IEC and UL, and 250 VAC according to CSA. They are also rated 450 VDC and carry ENEC and cURus approvals.


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