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Smart Cameras

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Home security cameras are becoming smart with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, motion sensors, real-time streaming and so on. Also, in the market, there are numerous options to choose from, varying in price and features. In this article we list the must-have features for your security camera.

Features to look for

For indoor use like in homes, the preferable mode of connectivity is Wi-Fi with dual-band support (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz). Dual-band compatibility ensures smooth and uninterrupted connection and streaming. While it is a must, the parameters mentioned below are equally important:

Video quality and live streaming

Video quality of a security camera directly impacts the streaming data usage. A large number of products in the market offer 720p resolution, which is HD quality. Many products also offer 1080p video capture. However, higher the video quality, larger the storage space required. Data consumed for streaming will also be significantly higher and streaming speed may be slower, depending on the Wi-Fi connection. The battery will also be proportionately consumed. However, higher-resolution cameras provide the option to change the resolution settings as required. Go for a security camera with image quality between 1.3 and 2.0 megapixels.

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Sensorised security and image capture

Motion and audio sensors allow the camera to inform users about unanticipated movement in their premises. Make sure that you choose a camera that gives minimal false positives—false alarms due to the motion and sound of an animal. Sensor-based security feature allows mobile-based notifications, specific image capture and also video highlight. So you can be alerted to check the live feed.

Storage options

Higher storage is always an added benefit. Smart cameras usually come with a microSD slot. The higher the expansion supported, the better for you. MicroSD storage ranges from 16GB to 128GB. Smart cameras are also capable of storing images on a cloud server. The storage limit over cloud depends on the subscription ratings set by the vendor. Look for both microSD as well as cloud storage options. However, before purchase, check streaming and storage security standards with the vendor.

Field-of-view and zoom capacity

The lens’ field-of-view is the extent of area it can cover in a specific position. Larger field-of-view is always better and should be preferably 180 degrees. You can get decent options in lower field-of-view (within 120 degrees) as well, but these will have less coverage area. Make sure that zoom capacity is at least 21x.

Audio support and night vision

Check whether the camera is audio-compatible, i.e., able to store audio along with video. An audio-compatible device will allow two-way interactions as well, so you can answer your door and interact with the person on the other side directly through your camera system. Night vision is beneficial for surveillance of your premises during night time.

Mobile app control

Most smart cameras can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet using mobile application. Check the interface for ease of use. Mobile applications also allow features like remote live streaming of videos, stored video access from anywhere via cloud and two-way interaction including audio. Some mobile applications even provide analytics.

Options in the market

While the cost of a smart security camera varies depending on the features offered and the quality of the product, it usually lies between ₹ 3000 and ₹ 7000 per unit. High-end devices can cost up to ₹ 18,000 a unit. Some of the smart security cameras available in the Indian market are mentioned below:

D3D Fisheye Vision offers a 360-degree surveillance with 128GB SD card support, 720p HD video quality (streamable as well as accessible through cloud), two-way audio and surveillance through five angles. The product is priced at ₹ 3850.

Sricam SP005 is a Wi-Fi-driven, HD camera with basic features like motion detection and alert, horizontal and vertical rotation, two way-audio and 128GB memory expansion. It is priced at ₹ 3000.

DIY Cam India’s E91i is an HD Wi-Fi camera with night vision, motion detection alert and 1MP image capture capability. It supports a 128GB SD card and cloud connectivity. The price is ₹ 4299.

YI home camera is an affordable option at a price of just ₹ 2500. The camera offers 720p HD video, 111-degree field-of-view, two-way audio, anti-noise filter and more. It also comes in full HD (1080p) option, which costs around ₹ 5000.

Samsung smartcam HD pro is a high-end, Wi-Fi-enabled, full HD (1080p) camera with all the important features including security notification, H.264 compression technology to reduce false alarms, 2MP image quality and 111-degree field-of-view with coverage up to 4.8 metres (16 feet). It costs as much as ₹ 18,000.

Last but not the least

There are lot many affordable options available in the market. Compare all in terms of warranty period and subscription offers to get the best deal.



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