Sunday, December 3, 2023

Multiprocessor Holds Promise for Tablets: Stamp Computers

Darshak Vasavada, CEO, Stamp Computers, spoke to Abhishek Mutha of EFY about technical challenges while designing a tablet, resistive versus capacitive screen, the latest trends and applications for tablets

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Q. What kind of Operating Systems do you use in your tablets?
A. The current one runs Android, since it is the most popular one and a lot of people are writing all the applications for Android. Earlier, we also ran Linux and Windows CE. If the need arises, we can also port it in. Ultimately, we do this based on what our customers want their solutions to be based on.

Q. Are all your operations, both design and manufacturing, handled in-house?
A. Yes, the tablet has been fully designed by us all the way from circuit design, schematics, and board layout to the entire board and it’s mechanical design for the casing.

Q. There are talks of utilising tablets extensively for the education sector. What are your views on that?
A. There’s no doubt about it, and it will be extremely useful. On the other hand, it is not going to be easy either. It is one thing to give a tablet to someone and ask them to make it useful, while it is another to provide the entire infrastructure such that the system has to accept it. For instance, teachers would have to be comfortable with it, the content from the curriculum should be supported, and the students also have to be comfortable using the device, which they will. However, there will also be the concern of students misusing the tablets, which parents and teachers do not want them to do. Over all, it will be a tremendously empowering device.

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Q. What kind of marketing strategies do you use at Stamp Computers?
A. We seek companies and firms who are developing solutions based on tablets, such as firms who conduct examinations, provide tools for a mobile team like a sales force, companies involved in health care applications and so on. We approach these companies and tune our tablets to their need. They would then be the ones who will take it to the final market.

Q. Do you hire freshers at Stamp Computers?
A. We love hiring freshers as they come with a lot of energy and a lot of passion which the seniors lose out over the years. A lot of innovation does come from them, so we spend a good effort in training and working them, and getting them to be productive. Apart from a few senior people who are working here, a large part of our team had joined us as freshers.

Q. What kind of skill sets do you look at?
A. We hire through selected colleges with whom we have a relationship. While hiring we focus on the basics of what they know, because as technology keeps changing it is only students who are fundamentally strong who would be able to make it through. We being an embedded systems company prefer those who have some hardware knowledge, thorough understanding of the architecture and software programming capabilities.


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