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PAM4 PHYs For Hyperscale Data Centre and AI Networks

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End-to-end 800G platform solution with 112-Gbps PAM-4 optical and copper PHY accelerates deployment of high bandwidth 800G infrastructure

Broadcom Inc. has announced the availability of its expanded portfolio of high-performance 7nm 800G PAM-4 PHY devices for data centre, cloud and AI networks. The portfolio includes a new family of 800G optical PHY devices, the BCM8780X, optimized for QSFP-DD800 and OSFP transceiver module applications and an 800G 8:8 re-timer PHY device, the BCM87360, designed for line card applications. Extending Broadcom’s leadership position using 7nm process technology from the best-in-class Centenario PHY platform shipping in production, these new 8x100G PHYs provide industry-leading performance along with the lowest power per bit. Combined with Broadcom’s 100G single-lambda optics for both MMF and SMF fibre optics and leading-edge 25.6T switch that integrates 100G I/Os, this new PHY portfolio completes all the critical blocks needed for data centre and cloud providers to develop and build out their 800G infrastructure networks.

100G and 400G deployments are ramping across the data centre and cloud networks while global data demands continue to rise with advances in technology. 800G is the next evolution in high-speed optical connectivity which will be essential in meeting bandwidth needs by enabling ultra-high density network equipment. As 5G and AI become more prevalent, coupled with recent upward trends in video conferencing and live streaming, data centre providers and cloud companies will need more network bandwidth to keep up with data demands. The BCM8780X optical PHY and the BCM87360 re-timer PHY solutions will ensure a smooth migration to new network architectures.

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800G PHY Portfolio Highlights

BCM87800/BCM87802 – Ultra-low power 7nm 800G optical PHYs for transceiver modules

  • Monolithic integrated 112Gbps laser driver with direct-drive PAM-4 output capability for EML and Silicon Photonics
  • Industry-leading DSP performance and power efficiency

BCM87360 – Industry’s first 7nm 800G 8:8 re-timer PHY for line cards

  • High-performance PAM-4 SerDes @ host and line side with link training and auto-negotiation
  • Interoperable with Broadcom switch merchant silicon and ASIC
  • Compliant to IEEE and OIF standards

“The data centre industry has begun gearing up for 800G optical connectivity in 2020,” commented Dr Vladimir Kozlov, CEO and founder of LightCounting Market Research. “Broadcom is the driving force behind it, offering switching ICs, optics and now PHY chips designed for 25.6T 1RU switches with 32 of 800G optical ports. It’s certain that one major hyperscaler will be using these products next year and other Cloud companies may be adding it to their plans.”

“100G PAM-4 DSP is one of the most important building blocks for data centre networking this decade. Cloud Providers need to build networks to enable next-generation applications and compute like AI and ML,” said Alan Weckel, founder and technology analyst at 650 Group. “Broadcom is leading the market towards 100G based products in 2021, and it is also laying the groundwork towards co-packaging and photonics as the network becomes a more important part of data centre buildouts in the future.”

Samples of the BCM87800, BCM87802 and BCM87360 are available now from Broadcom.


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