Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Nanocrystalline-Based Single-Phase Filters For Industrial and Medical Uses

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Compact, lightweight and high-density filter offers improved attenuation performance to suppress EMI in power lines

Electromagnetic noise is a common occurrence, but if left unchecked it may cause disruptions in circuit operations or other electronic components used in power supply systems.

With the launch of the GTX series single-phase filters, excess electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated from power lines within 250VAC single-phase electrical systems can now be suppressed.

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The GTX series filter contains a nanocrystalline core, which offers higher permeability and lower losses than ferrite material cores. This allows for a compact, lightweight and high-density design resulting in high attenuation capability and small volumetric package. As a result, the filter design not only uses less circuit board space but also improves performance in single-phase power supply systems for commercial, industrial and medical applications.

Additionally, the GTX series offers five rated current ranges (6 – 30 A) which can be paired with six Class-Y capacitors, resulting in 30 different component combinations that support general-purpose inverters in machine tools, welders, 3D printers and other industrial applications.

The GTX plastic box single-phase filters are available via KEMET distributors.


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