Friday, July 19, 2024

Automotive Image Sensor Delivers Good Low-Light Performance

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Provides improved image quality, small size and high near-infrared sensitivity for short-range machine vision applications

Enhanced with Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology, the new 2.5-megapixel OX03A2S image sensor is ideal for exterior imaging applications that operate in low to no ambient light conditions within 2 metres of the vehicle.

Nyxel technology uses novel silicon semiconductor architectures to achieve automotive quantum efficiency of 40 per cent at 940 nm NIR wavelength. This enables the OX03A2S to detect and recognise objects that other image sensors would miss under extremely low lighting conditions, enabling more capable safety systems.

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Automotive cameras using the OX03A2S require less illumination, thus reducing materials cost and overall power consumption. Additionally, this sensor has a 1/2.44” optical format and comes in an a-CSP package that is 50 per cent smaller to keep cameras out of sight and improve styling.

While this RGB-IR sensor is primarily intended for day and night machine vision applications, it can also provide viewable IR-enhanced RGB images during daytime conditions. With the help of Nyxel technology, RGB image capture is enhanced s in bright conditions by improving sensitivity. This provides automotive designers with the flexibility to display high quality, NIR-enhanced, viewable RGB image during the day, and a high-quality machine vision image in both day and night environments.

The new AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certified OX03A2S image sensor is available now from Omnivision Technologies.


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