Friday, April 12, 2024

New 5G RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR Solution

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Optimises 5G mobile radio-wave usage and conducts tests in accordance with national and regional radio regulations

The newly developed RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR uses the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A as a simulated 5G NR base station in combination with a spectrum analyser and signal generator to implement ARIB/ETSI/FCC-compliant FR1 RF tests. Additionally, 5G terminal measurement efficiency and quality are assured by the easy-to-operate GUI and built-in calibration function for improved reliability. It is a platform that can perform spurious tests and interference tests, which are difficult for customers to build their test environment.

The RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR supports FR1 RF regulatory compliance tests of 5G NR terminals. It is used with the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A simulating a 5G NR base station, the Radio Communication Analyser MT8821C operating as an LTE Anchor and with various other test equipment and dedicated software.

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The ME7803NR makes it easy to evaluate the RF performance of 5G terminals for meeting regulatory requirements as well as simplifies evaluation for efficient evaluation of radio-waves.

Key Features
⦁ Supports globally used frequency bands as well as other future regional bands to be deployed (5G NR Bands and 5G NSA mode LTE Bands for LTE Anchor).
⦁ Customers can configure the ME7803NR test system by adding their standalone test equipment, such as the MT8000A, MT8821C, MS2840A/MS2850A, MG3710E, MG3694C, etc., to minimise additional required hardware purchases.
⦁ The MT8000A and MT8821C used by the ME7803NR can share SAR/OTA/EMC tests.
⦁ The built-in calibration function improves measurement stability and measured value reliability.

Anritsu expects the new ME7803NR to play an important role in deploying commercial 5G mobile network services by facilitating the spread of 5G terminals.


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