Tuesday, April 23, 2024

1000A DC/AC True RMS Clamp Meter

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KUSAM-MECO has introduced True RMS AC/DC clamp meter Model 9999 with “INRUSH” Current measurement.

In a three Phase motor, the starting current is several times greater than their normal running current. The starting current i.e. “INRUSH” Current generally lasts between 75-150 milliseconds with a current spike between 500% & 1200%. Although for a very short duration, this current surge creates problems. Excessive inrush current may also shorten the life of the switches & circuit protector. Because of this, precise measurement of inrush current is very necessary.

This clampmeter uses unique circuitry & high speed digital signal processing to filter out electronic noise & capture the starting inrush current as the circuit protector sees it.

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The Clampmeter has large 27 mm LCD display for easy readout. It has Auto Power off facility which increases battery life. It can take conductor of Dia. 46.5mm. Crest factor is < = 3. It can measure AC/DC current upto 999.9A , AC /DC voltage upto 600V, Resistance 0 9999 , Capacitance 0 999.9 f, frequency 10 Hz to 400 Hz &, Temperature 40C to 1200C. It also has Diode Test & continuity test facility. It takes synchronous measurement of Inrush current for measuring the true starting current for motors, breaker etc. It is very unique instrument for PWM trouble shooting & in noisy environment measurement. It has EN 61010-1 approval. Over-voltage Category III 600V.

For Resistance, Continuity, capacitance & frequency measurement, input protection is provided upto 600V DC/AC rms. For AC current it is upto 1000 A AC & for DC Current it is 1200 A DC. It also has “Hold”, “Max” function & Auto Zero facility. It operates on KUSAM-MECO standard 9V battery. It is supplied with Test Leads, Carrying case, manual & batteries.


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