Saturday, May 18, 2024

A New Family Of Controllers For Embedded Designers

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Microchip introduces feature-rich and flexible family of I/O controllers customised for industrial and embedded computing designers. New SCH322X product family combines Input/Output functionality with hardware monitoring for more cost-effective industrial applications.


Microchip Technology Inc., provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, has announced the new SCH322X family of feature-rich and flexible I/O controllers customised to the needs of industrial and embedded computing designers. This next-generation product family features smaller packages and long product lifecycles, and allows for more cost-effective industrial and embedded applications. The SCH322X is available in both commercial and industrial operating temperature versions.

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The SCH322X Super I/O family offers users a combination of products for industrial and embedded applications. Each product in the family contains a different feature set, combining serial ports, parallel ports, and PS/2 with flexible General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) capability, temperature and voltage monitoring, which enables the design of more cost-effective industrial applications. This SCH322X product family is offered in area-efficient BGA packages to enable the most compact board designs.

Designed to operate with the x86 architecture, the SCH322X family includes six devices namely SCH3221, SCH3222, SCH3223, SCH3224, SCH3226 and SCH3227 tailored for different applications. A varying number of serial ports, combined with hardware monitoring, and with or without keyboard controller functionality are some examples of the choices available with this family of devices.

The six-member SCH322X Super I/O family is available now for sampling and volume production in 64-WFBGA (6 x 6 mm), 84-WFBGA (7 x 7 mm), 100-WFBGA (8 x 8 mm), and 144-WFBGA (9 x 9 mm) packages in 10,000-unit quantities.


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