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Fastest Batteryless Designs with Energy Harvesting Solution Kit

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In addition a very efficient EMI suppression is realized by adding SMD ferrites at each plug contacts. Würth Elektronik’s tact switches survive at least 1 million use cycles. The LED series WE-SMCW display the current status with an angle of radiation of 140° and a brightness of 110 mcd.

The microcontroller is preprogrammed with one example. This helps to experience very fast how easy it is to realize a design with energy harvesting thanks to the availability of innovative standard products. The energy which is harvested from a small solar cell in a room or by the heat of your palm is sufficient enough to run an application permanently.

The "Energy Harvesting Solution To Go" Kit in action
The “Energy Harvesting Solution To Go” Kit in action


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  • The “Energy Harvesting Solution To Go” provides the following benefits:
  • Complete solution from harvesting of the energy, energy management and storage
  • Easy transfer of this solution to your design
  • Evaluation of the highest efficient components in the market

The »Energy Harvesting Solution To Go«-Kit is available at Würth Elektronik for 199 Euro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a separate debugger/programmer to use the EFM32 GG Starter Kit?
The EFM32 Development Kits and Starter Kits include an integrated J-Link device for debugging and programming. The kits are connected directly to a computer through USB, and can handle debugging and programming of the EFM32. You can also debug and program an EFM32 device on your own circuit board.

I want to collect energy from more than one source at the same time. How can I achieve it?
You can achieve one or more sources by using diodes instead of one jumper (JP1 to JP4) as indicated in the board schematic.

Where can I find code examples for the EFM32 microcontrollers?
Simplicity Studio includes source code for several code examples. Find out how to install Simplicity Studio by following the steps in this article. Under the ‘Examples’ category in Simplicity Studio you will find several examples, sorted by kit. The ‘Application Notes’ category contains all the application notes for the EFM32 microcontrollers, which also include source code examples.


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